Custom Home Builders

Thinking about building a new custom home?

customDeciding exactly who that builder is may be the most difficult decision that you’ll be making in the entire process. Advertising, word of mouth, promotional materials, testimonials and site and model reviews are all important influences in making that decision. But, in the end, it will be about whom you trust the most to fulfill your personal vision. Behind every product or service is an implied promise. Who will you entrust your family dream to?

What is a Promise?

A promise is a pledge, an assurance given by one person to another that they will act exactly as agreed to. The range of a promise is great and so are the implications. A promise made should not allow circumstances to break or negate that agreement.

For the team at Stonehaven, that promise is the only thing we sell. It is in fact, our product. That promise becomes the delivery vehicle and mechanism for any home that we build… whatever the size or design price point.

Before poured concrete or stacked block walls, the foundation of a project is as important and lasting as your family home, is the promise made between Rick Kartes, the founder of Stonehaven Custom Homes and you. And, that is the best peace of mind one might hope for in aligning your dreams with the practical realities of building a custom home.

Between, all the words and tone of a contract drawn between individuals is an intent; a mutually understood goal. Therefore, the first step in the “framing” of your home is “Our Promise.”